Disputes are very unpleasant situations for anyone to be in. It becomes even more stressful when legal and financial ramifications are involved. Involving a neutral third party can be the way to settle an almost impossible dispute situation between two parties.

Yet, what is mediation and why is it the better option for parties involved in a dispute?

What is mediation and what benefits can it bring?


An alternative resolution to disputes is the process known as mediation. Mediation involves an experienced and neutral third party known as the mediator. The role of the mediator is to help negotiate to help two disputing parties come to an agreement they are happy with.

A realistic picture of the position of the opposing parties is shown by the mediator during the mediation process. The next step is for the mediator to help the disputing parties come up with creative solutions suitable for everyone.

Mediation should be considered rather than litigation for the benefits it brings, including:

Least expensive dispute resolution

Mediation costs way less than a legal battle in court. Standard litigation incurs a lot of hefty expenses, making it extremely costly for everyone concerned. Other than costly legal fees, litigation also takes a serious emotional toll on the involved parties. Mediation, in comparison, is the least expensive option especially when two parties agree to share its cost.

Fast and convenient process

Other than the cost, a court battle is a time-consuming affair. The securing of court dates takes time. Unpredictable things can happen along the way that could make the case last far longer than expected. Mediation, on the other hand, is a faster and more convenient way of settling disputes. All it needs is to arrange a meeting with a mediator present. Negotiations between parties can take at most two negotiation rounds for them to either agree or disagree. The final outcome can also be expected realistically, depending on the agreement of the two parties.

Litigants get better control over the process

It can be extremely intimidating for anyone to appear in court. The litigation process could either be a short or long process, depending on the complexities of the case. Control over the process is not in the hands of the litigants but is subject to court rules and regulations. Being unhappy with the court resolution once it happens brings more expenses and stress with appeals.

Litigants get better control over the resolution process in mediation. The resolution a mediator comes up with can either be accepted or rejected. Being able to create a customised resolution is another great element of mediation. A tailor-made solution benefitting both parties can be achieved with mediation.

Provide a resolution that benefits all parties

A party wins over another in a standard court procedure. The defeated party has no option but to accept the court’s resolution or file for an appeal. This can be an extremely damaging and expensive scenario for disputing parties.

Mediation, in contrast, offers disputing parties a decision that mutually benefits them. Relationships between two parties remain at cordial levels with a mediated decision that they are happy with.

Mediation is worth a try with the excellent alternatives it provides for dispute resolution. Opting for mediation should be the first choice than litigation. Know more about the mediation process by contacting mediation specialists in Gold Coast.